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About Scalp Treatment

Benefits of scalp treatment

​✓​ Increases blood circulation
✓ Unclogs scalp pores and removes impurities

✓ Promotes hair growth

✓ Enhances hair and scalp health

✓ Reduces stress
✓ Helps to reduce hair loss and its causes
✓ A
face lift-like effect

✓ A good night’s sleep

5 steps scalp treatment


Before scalp treatment


After scalp treatment

What is a scalp treatment? 
A scalp treatment is a specialized beauty treatment that focuses solely on the scalp. “More like a ritual, the multi-step process combines techniques like deep cleansing and exfoliating the nourish the scalp and hair”.

Why should we detoxify the scalp?
Periodically cleansing + purifying the scalp eliminates toxins and buildup for healthier scalp, hair, and mind.

How do we do the 5 steps scalp treatment?
1. Exfoliating brush: helps to gently yet effectively lift impurities from the scalp and increase scalp micro-circulation, all while enhancing your sensorial scalp care experience.
2. Deep cleansing gel: Deep cleansing gel for very oily/dry scalp to reduce excess oil, remove impurities, and restore balance to scalp
3. Scalp shampoo: removing the unwanted fatty acid without stressing the scalp, hair also calms and refreshes the scalp.
4. Scalp mask: replenish essential moisture and oil with the lightweight hydrating mask to bind in moisture and protect the scalp and hair.
5. Soothing Moisturizer: Deeply moisturize, nourish and promote a healthy scalp balance.

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