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About Me

Chris Lin

Aloha, my name is Chris. I'm an independent hair stylist that provides all hair services located in Aina Haina. Also, I'm proud to be the only person in Hawaii who provides five-step scalp treatment. Come see me for a unique scalp treatment! Or call me to find out more!

Started my career in 2005 and was trained under the Vidal Sassoon system. I graduated from Aveda Institute of Atlanta in 2007 and worked for a high-end Aveda salon in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Relocated to Hawaii in 2010 and also worked for Aveda salons in Hawaii. 


Was working as an instructor at Aveda Taiwan, teaching cut, color, perm, and scalp treatments from the year 2018-2022.
Now back in Hawaii to provide hair and scalp services.

Can’t wait to meet you!


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